Inexpensive Gift Ideas for the Office

There are two main challenges when buying a gift for a coworker; what to purchase and how to buy a gift that is economical. Although there are a variety of inexpensive gift ideas on the market, finding the perfect gift is not always easy. It is important to find the ideal gift at a reasonable price yet still give something that is appreciated.

There are different types of inexpensive gift ideas that can be characterized into two main categories; personalized and neutral. Usually, personalized gifts are intended for associate relationships that are established beforehand and likes or dislikes are known.

Neutral Gifts

Neutral gifts can be given to nearly anyone and can be valued even when it is an inexpensive gift idea. A few gift ideas under $15 dollars are as follows:

  • Plants: A plant is the ideal gift. Special plants like lucky bamboo or a spider plant that is easy to care for adds a nice touch to an office.
  • Tickets for Events: A great gift for those who are active. There are tickets for many occasions like movies, special events and theater.
  • Home Made Goods: Everyone enjoys homemade goods such as bread, pies, cookies or jams, a delectable gift for all.
  • Gift Certificates: A wonderful idea that gets raves. There are gift certificates for books, mobile phones, computer applications, specialty shops and grocery stores.
  • Paperweights: A traditional office gift that now comes in tasteful selections. There are decorative gems, kaleidoscopes and stones with inspirational phrases.
  • Desk Clock: Office clocks are a nice accent such as traditional wood clocks, modern designs, metal footed clocks or classic vintage clocks.
  • Calendar: There are many types of calendars. Favorites are the urban dictionary desk calendar with the latest slang or reference calendars that helps organize events. Calendars can be for the wall or the desk.
  • Stress Ball: The perfect gift for hectic offices or overworked colleagues. It can be soft and downy, made of gel or be simple. There are also therapeutic Chinese health balls.
  • Lunch Cooler: A gift that is practical and valued. There are a variety of lunch coolers from conservative to contemporary.

Personalized gifts

Personalized gifts can be given to anyone that you know well with the anticipation of knowing it will be treasured. A variety of inexpensive gift ideas include the following:

  • Personalized Name Plate: A gift of lasting impression that comes with many choices like brass, glass, beveled or embossed.
  • Motivational Books: A great gift for inspiration or motivation with thousands of options including marketing tips and business success.
  • Favorite DVD or CD: A specialized gift that is personable with thousands of choices.
  • Games: There are hundreds of types of games like card, board, video and electronic.
  • Gourmet Coffee or Tea: Ideal for people who love gourmet and are daily connoisseurs.
  • Collectibles: A gift for personal collections like stamps, glassware or tools.

While this list is not absolute, it does offer a variety of options. There are clearly many inexpensive gift ideas that can be given at the office. As well, an inexpensive gift idea can be appreciated.

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